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Although there are months where IT expenses are low with pay-as-you-go, in most cases budgets are overrun due to unexpected system failures, software glitches, and security lapses. Managed IT Services prevent these failures. They are strategically designed and implemented to reduce costs, eliminate security risks, and increase growth.

Managed IT Services Company

Why Is Pay-As-You-Go More Expensive?

No More Costly Surprises

BC Networks has been providing customized Managed IT Cloud and Onsite Services for decades. They are available for a fixed monthly fee that’s easy to budget for and often costs less than pay-as-you-go services.

Technology Aligned To Your Goals

Our certified professionals will customize your solutions to align with your unique business requirements. You’ll benefit from a portfolio of services and comprehensive IT strategy that resolves your IT pain points and supports your organization’s growth.

Proactive Managed IT Services You Can Count On

Our proactive service prevents and eliminates IT failures, so your staff is more productive and efficient. Your IT infrastructure is like a garden – it needs constant attention with software patching, feeding with upgrades, and pruning of old ineffective technology for more robust solutions. Everything will work together seamlessly as one finely tuned unit.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Managed Services employs security and operational monitoring to virtually eliminate downtime. This is true whether your systems are cloud-based or in your office. By working with your people, and using automated remote monitoring and management tools, we can identify hundreds of potential issues and resolve them before you experience IT pain.

Communication & Collaboration

You’ll be well-informed along the way, so you’ll always know the “what’s and why’s” about the work we do. We’ll meet with your leadership regularly and provide written reports on the status of your IT infrastructure.

With Managed IT Services From BC Networks You’ll Benefit From:

  • Increased IT security

  • Improved reliability and efficiency

  • Enhanced return on your IT assets

  • Remote troubleshooting, patch management, and upgrades

  • Real-Time Reports about the status of your IT infrastructure

  • A Help Desk staffed by knowledgeable technicians who respond quickly to your requests

Learn How to Budget Managed IT Services and Stay Within Your Budget

With BC Networks’ IT Cloud and Onsite Managed Services your organization can finally be its best. No more IT surprises – only efficient, reliable and secure running technology that empowers your people to efficiently achieve your goals.

If you’re looking for a technology partner to help you achieve your business goals, then let’s meet to discuss your objectives and see if we are a good fit.

Dave Brewer

Dave Brewer

When it comes to IT services and solutions, it's crucial to have a knowledgeable and passionate partner who can help clients achieve sustainable growth using proven IT solutions. Our CEO, Dave, is deeply committed to assisting clients in enhancing their technology to gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries. At BC Networks, Dave Brewer leads a team of dedicated professionals who are focused on delivering outstanding IT services and solutions. With his vast expertise and practical experience, Dave ensures that clients receive top-notch support and guidance for their IT initiatives. You can rely on BC Networks to elevate your business systems and stay ahead in today's fiercely competitive business environment.