Optimum Cybersecurity+

The CyberSecurity+ add-on provides the highest level of security protection available on the market in San Jose & the Bay Area, so your company will be secure and free to grow!

Cybersecurity & Compliance Services Provided By BC Networks

Get the highest level of advanced security threat protection available on the market today

BC Networks leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to respond to data theft threats and stops cybercriminals in their tracks within 15 seconds of detection with our Incident Response service.

Don’t let your organization be a victim of data theft.

The CyberSecurity + illustrated add-on is built on top of our CyberSecurity program.

The CyberSecurity + Add-on Includes:

Incident Response  –  Vulnerability Remediation   –  SIEM 24×7 SOC – Compliance Manager 

Optimum IT Services
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BC Networks Co-Managed IT Services in San Jose Optimum Managed IT Services in San Jose Cyber Security Cyber Security+
Program Features Co-Managed Optimum Cyber Security Cyber Security+
Core Infrastructure Services
24x7 Network / Server / SaaS Monitoring
24x7 Firewall Management
E-mail Security Gateway
24x7 Remote Support, Problem Isolation and Resolution
Backup & Disaster Recovery Management
vCIO Business Review (Strategic Planning & Budget)
Monthly Reporting
Endpoint Management Services
24x7 Workstation Monitoring
Windows Patch Management
Mobile Device Management
24x7 Helpdesk Support Service
24x7 On-Site Support
Cyber Security Services
Endpoint Detection & Response
Multi-Factor Authentication for Office365 Optional
SaaS Threat Protection
Security Awareness Training
Dark Web Monitoring
Vulnerability Management
Advanced Cyber Security Services
Disk Encryption Protection
Compliance Manager (NIST, HIPPA)
Penetration Testing
SIEM Log Monitoring
24x7x365 Security Operations Center
Incident Response Plan

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