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Why You Need the Best Cybersecurity Solutions for San Jose Businesses

For the best cybersecurity solutions for San Jose businesses, contact BC Networks. Our security experts shore up your cloud-based or on-premise hardware and software assets.  

Even the federal government comes under cybersecurity threats these days. In 2018:

  • A breach at the USPS compromised 60,000,000 records
  • Another 14,000,000 users were impacted when hackers accessed databases at the Government Payment Service, Inc.

This emphasizes the need to protect your company’s data with cybersecurity solutions for San Jose businesses.

Is a Cyber 9/11 Imminent?

Richard Clarke is an expert in terrorism. Having served six presidents, he was named the first counterterrorism czar by George W. Bush. He feels his pre-9/11 warnings about the dangers of an attack on American soil were ignored.

Clarke hasn’t given up trying to keep Americans vigilant for another attack. However, he’s turned his attention to vulnerabilities in cyberspace. He’s written a book entitled The Fifth Domain. Co-authored by White House veteran Robert Knake, it provides a revealing look for firms, governments, and everyone else searching for ways to keep criminals and terrorists out of their networks.

Despite the Russians hacking into the 2016 elections and all the data breaches hitting daily headlines, it’s hard to fathom the true devastation possible with a cyber 9/11 scenario. With cybercriminals already undermining our democracy, how much worse could it get?

Clarke worries cyberwars could lead to physical wars, making them the fifth domain of warfare. In one section, Clarke and Knake describe what cyber-fueled conflict involving Israel and Iran might look like. Accusations can quickly escalate with unstable governments, which in turn can flare into real battles.

What Can Be Done to Get the Upperhand on Hackers?

Clarke and Knake offer 80 recommendations on ways to make the nation more secure. These include improving standards for the nation’s power grids and outsourcing government cybersecurity to experts in private industry. Clarke finds the continuing breaches of government agencies a worrisome sign.

“Well, one thing it tells me is that security at NSA hasn’t gotten any better since Snowden. After the Snowden attack, Obama asked me and a couple of other guys to go into NSA and figure out what went wrong. And we gave them a whole series of recommendations on how to improve their security, and Obama approved all of those recommendations,” Clark recently told Fastcompany.

Today, hackers are still walking out of buildings with sensitive data in their briefcases. The same this could be happening at companies across the nation as well. While your databases might not have the keys to launching nuclear weapons, it’s imperative to employ the latest tools to thwart hackers and protect your customer and company data.

Who Provides the Best Cybersecurity Solutions for San Jose Businesses?

BC Networks is based in San Jose. We provide managed services to optimize your network security and minimize downtime. When you need the best cybersecurity solutions for San Jose businesses, you need BC Networks. Our security experts shore up your cloud-based or on-premise hardware and software assets.

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