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How to Improve Your Digital Skills with Microsoft Learn

How to Improve Your Digital Skills with Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is a free resource that provides a learning platform for students worldwide. The online educational center is dedicated to helping individuals interested in acquiring and improving their technical skills. Since its inception, the program has attracted millions of students with varying skill levels. Trainees are offered short training sessions on digital skills. These can either be guided or interactive, depending on what the student is looking for. After completing these online courses, a trainee can have a certificate for the path they chose.

Altogether, the global skill initiative seeks to:

  • Provide free access to learning material to individuals that require specific digital skills.
  • Leverage the power of data to design in-demand skills in the current job market.
  • Offer low-cost certifications for individuals looking for a job or seeking to transition or improve their existing skill sets.

Beginners without prior digital experience looking to enroll in Microsoft Learn have the following paths to choose from:

For individuals with prior experience, Microsoft Learn offers browser-based interactive coding platforms where you could learn coding and the other modules available. Overall, as a student, you should learn the basics of Microsoft and advance to a level where you can compete in today’s job market.

How to Get Started with Microsoft Learn

To get started at Microsoft Learn, you will need to:

  • Visit the learning interface on the official Microsoft website.
  • Go to the Certification Dashboard.
  • Populate the sign-in area with your personal Microsoft account.
  • Edit your certification profile using your official names.

After signing up, your Microsoft Learn ID should be set. You are now ready to start on your certification. From the portal, you will discover that the different skillsets are broken down into units, models, and paths. You will begin from the first unit, clear each assignment, and pass the exams to get your certificate.

How to Become Microsoft Certified

Microsoft Learn has a certification path for the different digital skills offered. Each of these is acquired after you have gone through the coursework and successfully completed the examinations. Certificates are categorized into three depending on the path you took. These include:

Fundamentals Certification 

This certificate is for individuals who have no prior technical experience and are just starting. If you are thinking of changing career paths, this would be the best certification to begin with.

Role-based Certification 

This certification path is suitable for individuals who want to add to their skill level. The drive to take on this certification path is often due to the desire for a promotion. The certificates herein give you a competitive edge, ensuring you get the position you are garnering.

Specialty Certification

These are for individuals who want to show off their skills in a niche area. You can also get a certified educator certificate when you go through this path.

How to Get the Most from Microsoft Office 365 Learn 

If you are considering taking one of the digital courses at Microsoft Office 365 Learn, you want to ensure you get the most value out of the coursework. These tips will help you succeed through the different learning paths you choose for yourself.

Treat The Coursework How You Would in A Classroom Setting

Granted, an online class cannot be compared to a face-to-face one. Still, to ensure you are successful in the skill training, you should treat the online platform the same way you would a traditional class. Show up in time and make an effort to submit your assignments in good time. Besides, be interactive in the classroom portal by contributing to the different discussions posted by instructors and fellow trainees.

Set Goals and Keep Yourself Accountable

At the beginning of your course, set a goal for yourself. Seek to keep yourself accountable to these goals proactively. By doing so, you will complete the assignments given to you and thus gain the most from Microsoft Learn.

Get Acquainted with The User Interface

You need to familiarize yourself with the Microsoft Learn website. You want to be able to access your learning material easily. Similarly, you want to be able to stay up-to-date with all the course prerequisites.

Practice Time Management

Just as with the traditional coursework, you want to manage your time to ensure you have enough time to study. You will need to create a weekly schedule that takes into account your schoolwork and other commitment. Even as you make the schedule, you have to commit to staying disciplined and following through to achieve success with Microsoft Learn.

Interact with Fellow Trainees

Find time to interact with your fellow trainees taking your path. This can be a fun way for you to learn from your peers. Besides, from them, you could get wind of opportunities to further improve on your skillsets.

Overall, completing the coursework and earning a Microsoft Certification sets you up as a master in fundamental world skills. You can easily demonstrate your proficiency and achieve relevant job experience. Being more proactive and efficient in your chosen path will translate into promotions and a greater likelihood of satisfying tech careers.

Additional Advantages of Microsoft Learn 

  • 1000 + modules comprising of videos and reading material.
  • Courses are available in 23 different languages.
  • Modules are organized in roles and technologies, giving you up to 220 different learning digital skills.
  • 35 Microsoft Certificates available for the different paths at Microsoft Learn.
  • It is a reward-based system. Throughout the course path, a trainee earns points and unlocks badges that motivate you further.
  • You can track your progress in the chosen learning path.
  • The dashboard capabilities make interacting with the website easy and fun.

At present, reskilling is a massive need with the changing job anatomy and demand for specialized employees. Microsoft Learn is committed to personalizing your journey towards acquiring or advancing your digital skills and that of your team. If you are a business professional in either a small or large corporation in the San Francisco Bay Area and looking to improve your digital skill, call BC Networks to support your Microsoft environment.

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