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Fast Computer For Your Business

How To Pick A Fast Computer For Your Business

Choosing A Fast Processor For Your Computer

Anytime you are shopping for a new computer, there are a lot of factors to consider. What is your top priority? Do you need a machine with a lot of storage space? The fact is that while speed might be your number one need, there are going to be a variety of other factors to consider as well when you are shopping for a CPU. For that reason, your best bet is to consult with an IT expert who can explain all that goes into selecting a computer.

If the computer’s operating speed is your top priority, BC Networks can help you gain an understanding of what fast computers are available on the market today. Take a look at what goes into selecting a fast computer and how an IT expert can help you put it all together!

Need For Speed

While there is no specific answer to what the exact fastest CPU is, there are a variety of things you can look for to make sure you are getting one of the fastest available models. Be on the lookout for the 16 core and 32 thread combo processor, which comes with technology that is specifically designed to increase your computer’s processing power and speed.

The Ryzen family of processors offers a lot of good options if you need speed. Maybe you are on a quest for a fast computer because you are a gamer and need a machine that can keep up with the demands of gaming. Ryzen is a good place to start your shopping.

Core Speed

You want to look at core speed when you are comparing PCs. For example, a PC with a 64-core TR 3990X  is going to be a lot faster than a 16-core 5950Xe. That said, again, consider your priorities before just jumping in and buying the first fast computer you come across.

In actuality, while the above-mentioned 3990x might be faster, the 5950Xe is actually better for gamers. The PC runs more efficiently. While it might not be quite as fast as other models, if you are looking for a gaming computer, that might be the best choice. Gamers have a lot to consider besides just core speed on a computer.

Spindle Speeds

Another thing to take a look at when you are looking for fast computers is the spindle speed of the hard drive. The higher the spindle speed, the faster the machine can go. If your hard drive is too slow, it won’t matter how fast your processing speed is, as that will slow you down.

Spindles speeds are actually measured in RPM, just like your car is when you’re driving. So, a machine operating at 7,000 RPM is going to run faster than a machine operating at 5,000 RPM.

Let’s Talk About Storage

While processor speed might be your top priority, don’t forget to at least consider your storage needs as they can affect speeds. How so, you ask? Computers with larger RAM (random access memory) are going to run faster than machines with not a lot of storage. They have the capacity to store a lot, which means they can also run faster.

RAM is also being improved every day. The latest technology sees computers coming out with RAM that is faster and newer than other models. Faster RAM is also going to help increase the processing speed of your machine.

While you don’t need to buy a machine with the most amount of storage, you do want one that has enough storage so it balances well and doesn’t slow down when you store files on it. Balance is key, as you want a computer that has a little of everything. If one area slows you down, the whole computer will slow down. A computer is only as fast as its weakest feature.

Video Cards

Don’t overlook the video card component of a PC when you are shopping, especially if you are a gamer. This is another area that could slow down your computer if you don’t buy a high-quality system. While core speed is most important, a machine with a fast core is not going to operate as fast as you want if things like hard drives and video cards run slowly and clog up your PC.

The best way to find the fastest computer is to talk to an IT expert who knows how to compare all these different IT components. It’s not easy to figure out the exact needs without your computer. What if you find the perfect computer but it’s lacking in one area? Will it still meet your needs? An IT team can explain to you how each feature will affect you, so you can decide what your priorities are. Yes, your top priority might be speed, but without looking at a few other elements, you might not get the right computer.

Let Us Take Care Of The Research

Did your eyes glaze over thinking about cores, RPM, threads and other technical terms? Working with a team like us, we can pick out the right computer for you. If you tell us exactly what you’re looking for and why you’re looking for it, we can do the heavy lifting and research.

We are experts at matching up the right computer with the right user. We know how to manage different priorities and needs and we stay abreast on all the latest trends and available PCs.

For More Information

The team at BC networks can help you with all your IT needs, from picking out a new computer to helping you maintain it once you have it. Reach out and contact us today for a free consultation! We love helping pick out the right computer for a new customer, and we will also walk you through all the ways we can help you take care of your computers after you have them. From cyber security protection to installing software upgrades, our team will help make sure your CPUs are always running efficiently.

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Dave Brewer

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