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Why Cutting Back on Systems Is Key to Preventing an Attack

Third-party systems can expose your business to various risks. These cybersecurity threats can harm your organization. Discover these third-party systems’ threats and how to deal with them.

If you are reading this article, you want to discover why cutting back on systems can help you prevent cyberattacks. Great, you are in the right place.

Investments in IT are necessary for organizations to enjoy IT solutions. The right IT investments can help your organization have many benefits, including cost savings, operations optimizations, and satisfying your clients’ needs.

We have seen organizations investing in a myriad of programs and services. While these investments may have an upside, they may cause a few problems. Most of these solutions share data through integrations. They can be vulnerable, as they have many access points.

Securing too many systems can be challenging for small and growing organizations. You may need a lot of unnecessary cybersecurity investments to protect many end-points. Are these expenses necessary?

Clients often ask Envizion IT why cutting back on systems can bolster their cybersecurity. Envizion IT provides IT solutions. This article will help you discover why reducing your configurations can improve your cybersecurity.

Do You Really Need These Additional Third Party Systems?

You may need more IT investments to gain strategic advantages. For example, you may feel a specific IT solution can help you gain a competitive advantage. You either make an outright purchase or engage a third-party for the service.

While this investment is likely to yield specific benefits, there are some issues that this acquisition will cause. One of the areas that organizations overlook is the resources it will need to secure it from cyberattacks.

The solution can introduce new threats to the organization. These cybersecurity risks can include:

  • Data breaches.
  • End-point/entry-point vulnerabilities.
  • Unsecured connections.

A breach of the shared infrastructure from the third-party’s end can have severe ramifications to your organization.

How Can You Ensure You’re Safe From Third-Party Systems Breaches?

How can you safeguard the common infrastructure with the third-party from cybersecurity threats?

The third-party collaboration might be essential, but you need to address the risks. You may need to do your due diligence to ensure the vendor addresses various cybersecurity issues.

  • The vendor should identify and protect sensitive information, such as customer data and confidential company records.
  • They should have reliable cybersecurity protocols to identify and mitigate risks.
  • The vendor has the essential cybersecurity certifications.
  • They use reliable techniques to secure the common infrastructure, such as TFA and encryption.
  • The vendor often trains the employees that handle the shared infrastructure.
  • They have a comprehensive recovery and business continuity plan.
  • The vendor is not a frequent target of cybercriminals.
  • They have cyber insurance.

Working with a third-party vendor that does not address these issues can cause cybersecurity and infrastructure problems.

Effects of Working With a Third-Party With Unsecure Systems

You will have these consequences if cybercriminals breach your systems.

  • Data loss.
  • Compliance issues resulting in penalties, such as fines and license suspensions.
  • Reputational damage.
  • Downtimes.
  • Financial losses.
  • And more.

If you need shared systems with a third-party, you should secure them to reduce your vulnerabilities. Envizion IT can help you analyze third-party infrastructure, identify risks, take measures to rectify them, and review your protocols. Our experts will help you pick the right third-party vendor that will guarantee you have no exposure. We use a lean approach to improve customer systems and the environment, reducing customer costs.

Envizion IT provides customer-driven IT services and support. Our services include IT planning, cybersecurity, cloud technologies, etc.

Contact us today and let us help you secure your systems from cybersecurity threats.

Ready to speak to us? Call us on (616) 741-1144 or email us at contact@EnvizionIT.com, and we will help you leverage IT solutions to achieve your goals.

Dave Brewer

Dave Brewer

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