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15 Must Know Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks

15 Must Know Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks | Become an Expert

Would you like to take your team collaboration to the next level? Discover 15 handy tips to save time when using Microsoft Teams.

While most businesses are familiar with Microsoft Teams, very few know how to make the most of this powerful communication and collaboration tool. That’s why we put together this list of 15 tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Teams:

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What Are The Top 15 Microsoft Teams Tips And Tricks You Can Use and Turn Into A Pro?

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: These offer a much faster way to move to main options on Teams. To view and explore the list of Teams keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl+. Because they are supported by the Teams desktop app running on Windows, some shortcuts are different from the web app. Click see short cuts for all platforms to view web shortcuts.
  • Quick Navigation Shortcuts: These are simple shortcuts to move around the Teams interface. For example, to display activity, press Ctrl+1, to move to your Teams, Ctrl+3, and so on. These shortcuts depend on how you’ve ordered your app bar. When using the Team’s web app, simply add shift to the shortcut. For example, for chats, press Ctrl+Shift+4.
  • Changing Your Status: Teams allow users to share their status, whether they are working remotely or in a different part of the organization. This helps to identify available co-workers or colleagues that may not be able to respond to a conversation. To adjust your status, navigate to your profile picture at the top, hover above the current status, and choose a new status from the menu. You can also type your own custom status message.
  • The Command Box: No matter where you are on teams, you can always access the command box at the top of the screen to search, get help, take quick action, and more. To search for anything in Teams, simply type what you’re looking for into the box. Alternatively, you can open the command box by pressing Ctrl + E.
  • @Mentions: These will help improve your communication on Microsoft Teams by making it more likely for users to view your messages. Just like on social media platforms, simply type @ followed by the name of the user you want to target. Teams offer these three options: @person, @channel, @team.
  • Managing a Team: As a Team Owner, you can customize and manage various aspects of your Team. For example, to change the Team name, navigate to the … and choose to edit. You can also choose to manage a team on the … menu to add members or owners to the Team. Microsoft Teams offers an extensive array of options for tailoring everything according to your unique needs.
  • Searching in Teams: Beyond searching using the command box and searching members within chats, Teams also offers a filter option. You can access this by clicking on the funnel icon or pressing Ctrl+Shift+F. This option helps you identify the teams or channels that are most important to you.
  • Editing a Message: Have you ever clicked send on a message a bit too quickly? Fortunately, Microsoft Teams makes it easy to edit both chat and Team messages. Simply hover above the message, navigate to the …, and choose edit.
  • Private Channels: Would you like to have confidential conversations with specific team members? Instead of creating a new team, you can simply form a private channel. To do this, head to more options and select Add Channel, set privacy to Private, and add users from the Team to the Channel.
  • Turning a File Into a Tab: To help you save time, Teams allows you to change frequently used files into tabs. To do this, navigate to the Channel, hover above the file you want to turn into a tab, click the … and choose to make this a tab.
  • Adding a Poll: Would you like to survey employees without drawn-out conversations or long email threads? Teams’ solution to this is adding a poll to a channel using the Microsoft Forms app.
  • Switching to Dark Mode: By having the option to change the default bright background to a darker color, you can work more comfortably as per your needs. To switch your theme, navigate to your profile, choose Settings, and select your preferred option.
  • Saving Messages: This allows you to quickly access and view important messages in the future. To save a message, click more options, and save this message.
  • Spinning Important Conversations: Use the pin option to save time when accessing frequently visited chats or channels. Simply highlight the chat or Channel, choose more options, and pin.
  • Formatting and Fun: Teams offer a wide range of options to enhance messages and make communication fun, for example, emojis, GIFS, and stickers.

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