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Optimum Managed IT Services

Technology problems don’t take a break and businesses without 24×7 live support are risking valuable time and money. The Optimum service is your around the clock desktop support so you can rest easy at night knowing that we are hard at work for you.

Optimum Managed IT Services

Ignore critical IT issues overnight and you could face a costly problem in the morning.

  • Troubleshooting a critical technology issue can’t stop just because the workday is finished.
  • In today’s competitive business market, 24×7 live support is foundational to a thriving company.

Get a trusted partner that works with you and for you, so you can focus on what you do best to strengthen your business.

You never know when an IT issue will occur and this presents a budget issue. The Optimum service program offers all-inclusive 24×7 support on a fixed fee basis, so you can budget accurately.

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Co-Managed IT Services

BC Networks’ Co-Managed service offers core infrastructure assistance for your IT staff, to give you peace of mind and time to focus on growing your business.

Be competitive and don’t risk constant IT operation flaws.

Co-Managed IT Services

  • Network & server failure
  • Firewall, email & Windows inefficiency
  • Decreasing productivity due to ineffective reporting and strategic planning

Stop wondering if your IT security, reliability, and strategic planning is good enough. We are here to help.

Our proven IT management strategy will assist and strengthen your current IT infrastructure to protect and grow your business.

Our Co-Managed service exists to assist your IT staff with 24×7 cloud-based monitoring & 24×7 IT support for your core IT infrastructure, and strategic planning.

“Amazing services to go along with an amazing team!”

Eric Slocum

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Optimum Cybersecurity

The greatest risk to an organization is data theft and businesses face the harsh reality of a major data breach at any moment. BC Networks leverages Artificial Intelligence to respond to threats and stop bad actors in their tracks within 15 seconds of detection.

Optimum Cybersecurity

You can’t afford to lose critical data.

No one can afford critical data loss. Whether it’s due to a vulnerable system, malware, or phishing attacks, once your data is stolen, there is no getting it back.

When customer data, financial records, business applications, and emails are lost or stolen, your business will lose valuable time, money, and maybe even customers.

With BC Network’s Optimum + CyberSecurity service, you’ll be confident that we will respond when your IT security is being threatened.

The Optimum + CyberSecurity service level combines this solution, and much more, to empower your company to battle cyber threats like this alongside us!

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Optimum Cybersecurity +

The increasing demands for high-level IT performance and security that companies face can cause uncertainty, low production, and frustration. The CyberSecurity + add-on provides the highest level of security protection available on the market today, so your company will be secure and free to grow!

Optimum Cybersecurity +

Because technology and cyber threats adapt to the ever-changing marketplace, IT departments have to as well.

Whether it’s your company’s intellectual property, customer or personal data, the greatest risk is what these criminals will do with your data.

  • Extortion of funds
  • Ransomware manipulation of your company
  • Blackmailing your customers
  • Stealing funds directly

This can severely impact your reputation with the industry and your customers… if it doesn’t put you out of business.

If your IT department is not fully equipped, then this necessary standard can overwhelm your team and put your entire company at risk.

“BC Networks is one of the best IT support companies I’ve done business with. Great staff always courteous and knowledgeable. They leverage cutting edge managed services tools which can monitor and protect IT infrastructure from internal and external threats before they happen. BC Networks has different service packages priced to fit almost any sized business. I would highly recommend them!”

Evan Oetinger

Optimum IT Services
Customized To Meet All Business Requirements

BC Networks In The East Bay Co-Managed In The East Bay Optimum Managed IT Services In The East Bay Cyber SecurityIn The East Bay Cyber Security+ In The East Bay
Program Features Co-Managed Optimum Cyber Security Cyber Security+
Core Infrastructure Services
24×7 Network / Server / SaaS Monitoring icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
24×7 Firewall Management icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
E-mail Security Gateway icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
24×7 Remote Support, Problem Isolation and Resolution icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
Backup & Disaster Recovery Management icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
vCIO Business Review (Strategic Planning & Budget) icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
Monthly Reporting icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
Endpoint Management Services
24×7 Workstation Monitoring icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
Windows Patch Management icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
Mobile Device Management icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
24×7 Helpdesk Support Service icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
24×7 On-Site Support icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
Cyber Security Services
Endpoint Detection & Response icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
Multi-Factor Authentication for Office365 icon1 Optional icon3 icon4
SaaS Threat Protection icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
Security Awareness Training icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
Dark Web Monitoring icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
Vulnerability Management icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
Advanced Cyber Security Services
Disk Encryption Protection icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
Compliance Manager (NIST, HIPPA) icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
Penetration Testing icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
SIEM Log Monitoring icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
24x7x365 Security Operations Center icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
Incident Response Plan icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4

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