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Effective Technology Support That Keeps Your Business Productive And Secure

BC Networks is a leading IT support company offering managed IT services for San Jose, Silicon Valley & South Bay companies. We offer proven IT solutions that reduce risk to cyber threats, increase productivity, and help you achieve your business goals.

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  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Strategic

Does Your Current San Jose IT Company Have You Frustrated?

Let’s face it, unresponsive IT support and unreliable managed IT services can be very frustrating, especially if it is impacting your business profitability.

  • Unresponsive IT Support?
  • Hidden Fees?
  • Lack of Strategic Expertise?

As your San Jose and Bay Area IT support company, our ultimate goals are to be your strategic partner, listen to your business’s objectives and challenges, and work closely with you to implement a strategy that enables your company’s continued growth and success.

Why choose BC Networks as your next IT support company?

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Achieve Your Business Goals

IT isn’t just about IT – it’s about improving the way you do business. We have developed mature, well-documented, standard practices and procedures that deliver highly predictable results. We have been delivering managed IT support to organizations in San Jose, Silicon Valley & South Bay long enough to know what it takes to achieve business objectives – it’s not a guessing game.

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Harness New Technologies

Thirty years in business has taught us that you can’t stop improving. We continue to evolve the toolset we use to support your San Jose business by introducing the right level of automation and AI in order to reduce remedial tasks and deliver incredible results.

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We Help You

Stay Secure & Mobile

Being able to access all your data from anywhere, from any device, in a highly secure way, is our method to ensure that your knowledge workers & employees in your San Jose are as productive as they can be.

What Makes BC Networks Different?

Experience and strategy are what set us apart from other San Jose, Silicon Valley & South Bay IT companies. We deliver consistent optimal results, following our carefully developed and mature set of IT practices and procedures.

Managed IT
Services that are fast, reliable & secure.

As a leader in Managed IT Services, our clients receive a comprehensive suite of flexible IT network support outsourcing solutions tailored for small businesses in San Jose and across the Bay Area. Our services are designed to help you manage and protect the organization you’ve worked so hard to build.

30+ years providing expert business IT services and technical support.

“BC Networks, Inc. always deliver over and above my expectations.”

“I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Managed IT Support Provider services.”



“BC Networks is a professional organization that looks out for the needs of our organization.”

“Understanding the goal of efficiency and zero downtime. Their entire team is focused on ensuring that our needs our met and understands the importance of being responsive.”



Optimum IT Support & Cybersecurity

When you effectively use information technology to connect to the right customers, keep employee morale high and sensitive data secure, your business in San Jose or the Bay Area will thrive and grow. (And you’re the leader people will thank for it.)

Step 1

Schedule An Initial Consultation With BC Networks

BC Networks will sit down with you and your team and get a full understanding of your current IT situation and start the process of determining the optimum IT solutions for your organization.

Step 2

Develop Your Optimum IT Strategy

No stone unturned. We cover everything in our Optimum IT strategy for your organization. Who takes care of the day-to-day IT support needs, how about the security of your information to what happens if everyone needs to work from home. Your Optimum IT Strategy covers it all.

Step 3

BC Networks Gets To Work

No messing around. The BC Networks team gets to work making sure all your information technology is running at optimum performance, employee issues are taken care of and you have the right information to make sound business decisions.

Optimum Managed IT Services & Cybersecurity in San Jose

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