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Technology News / OCTOBER 2018
Important News: Potential Facebook Data Breach
Facebook Was Breached Were You Or A Facebook Friend Affected?

Facebook has confirmed that more than 50 million user accounts have been breached. However, their engineering team discovered the security breach back on Tuesday, September 25th, 2018. They tell us that the vulnerability has been fixed and the breach was reported to the appropriate authorities.
How Did This Happen?
Hackers stole users’ access tokens through Facebook’s “view as.” This is a feature that lets you view what your profile looks like to other Facebook users. The flaw in this feature allowed hackers to take over 50 million user accounts.

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Is Human Error the Leading Cause of Data Breaches in the U.S.?
New Study Shows That the Global Cost of a Data Breach Is Up in 2018

The Ponemon Institute recently released its annual Cost of Data Breach Independent Study that was sponsored by IBM Security. This study included two new factors that impact data-breach costs: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the all-encompassing use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
The analysis also factored in the cost of a “mega breach” — the breach of 1 million records or more — and also used a formula to measure the financial cost of customers’ loss of trust in a company.

According to the 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study, around 25 percent of all U.S. data breaches were recognized as carelessness or user error. The study stated that users consistently failed to properly erase data from devices. The study also reveals that negligent breaches are about half as frequent as criminal breaches.

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What Can Azure Stack Do For Your Business?
Azure Stack has commanded plenty of loyal followers since its release, and it’s easy to see why. The platform provides many of the same great benefits users found in Microsoft’s Azure. Chief among them is the impact on multi-cloud environments. Building and deploying applications have become easier than ever before, and users are now able to enjoy the same familiar, tried-and-true tools to streamline their web operations. These factors plus a wide variety of others combine to create a solid case for Azure Stack.
Before you decide if a service like Azure Stack is right for your company’s IT structure, it’s important to know what benefits you’re dealing with. Knowing the basics of Azure Stack and its usage capabilities can help you determine whether it makes sense for your unique business needs.

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