How Can You Protect Your Company From Leaky Wi-Fi?

We'll look at ways to protect your company from leaky public or poorly protected Wi-Fi networks. First, however, let's examine what can go very wrong when data and network security are not a priority.

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How Does Weak Wi-Fi Security Threaten Your Company’s Cybersecurity?

We’ll look at ways to protect your company from leaky public or poorly protected Wi-Fi networks. First, however, let’s examine what can go very wrong when data and network security are not a priority.

Your company data can be exposed when remote workers rent office space from WeWorks, open their work emails at a local Starbucks or send sensitive file attachments over unprotected or under-protected Wi-Fi networks.

Here are some of the dangers exposed by team members working on trains, planes and in hotel lobbies:

  • Rogue Wi-Fi networks. Hackers sometimes set up rogue networks with enticing titles. However, those “open free wifi” or other networks could be harvesting data from your devices.
  • Monkey-in-the-middle attacks. When you connect to public Wi-Fi, company data can be intercepted. Hackers simply position themselves between hardworking employees on Wi-Fi and the internet connection point.
  • Malware distribution on unsecured Wi-Fi. Hackers use leaky Wi-Fi to distribute malware, which can cripple infected devices.
  • Snooping and sniffing. Hackers use software kits to eavesdrop on your Wi-Fi signals. This allows them to capture login credentials and take over accounts.
  • Ad-hoc attacks. These are peer-to-peer networks that join two computers. If your device is set to discover new networks, hackers can connect to them.
  • Password and username theft. Snooping hackers can easily discover and take over log-in credentials.
  • Worm attacks. While viruses need a program to attack, worms can do a lot of damage on their own. On a public or compromised Wi-Fi, worms can travel from other devices to your computer or tablet.

Why Are WeWorks Wacky Wi-Fi Policies a Case Study for Cybercriminals?

An investigation from the review site CNET has revealed that WeWork exposes thousands of financial records, emails, client databases and other sensitive personal and corporate data to hackers every day. WeWork, which provides office space at 280 locations in 32 countries, uses the same password at multiple locations and uses easy-to-guess words and phrases. In fact, the password displays on its app.

CNET revealed just how leaky WeWorks Wi-Fi boat is. Investigators were able to scan hundreds of devices that had access to a tremendous amount of sensitive data. The most egregious vulnerabilities included people IDs and bank account sign-in credentials.

The maestro behind the revelation is Teemu Airamo, head of media company Viveca Media, and a WeWork renter. CNET reported that Airamo had raised the issue to WeWork years ago but the company took no action. Teemu runs regular scans to check whether security protocols have been updated, with no luck thus far.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Organization?

Here are steps employees can take to protect your company’s data on leaky Wi-Fi networks:

  • Convert to secure HTTPS for your company’s website and applications.
  • Use VPNs for your company network.
  • Advise employees to shut off their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth auto-connect settings.
  • Ensure remote workers have a firewall active on all their devices.
  • Cover your network and worker devices with anti-malware software.

Additionally, advise remote employees to use their mobile phone’s hotspot rather than public or weakly secured Wi-Fi settings. Making these tips part of your network security policy can help employees understand the importance of taking proactive action to thwart would-be cyber thieves.

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