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You must protect your confidential information. This requires an aggressive IT defense deployed by BC Networks – a certified IT security expert who provides:

  • Vulnerability & Risk Assessments to confirm your technology is secure and compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • Email and Network Security for both your wired and wireless networks.
  • Backups and Business Continuity with a plan for data backup and restoration of electronic information which, according to the U.S. Government, is essential!

Our proactive, aggressive defense technology protects your organization from today’s malicious cyber threats.

Phishing Security Tests

Along with a comprehensive, in-depth IT defense strategy, we help you resolve your weakest link: Your employees.

We train them interactively to avoid risk. We can do an initial test to show you how it works for free. Why wait? Contact us now to learn more – (866) 492-2638, live chat on or email

Here’s a brief overview of our
Phishing Security Test (PST):

  1. You can test up to 100 employees.
  2. We’ll customize the phishing test template based on your environment.
  3. You’ll have options for which landing page your people see after they click on a “bad link.”
  4. Your employees are shown which red flags they missed, or a 404 error page.
  5. This initial test establishes a baseline Phish-prone percentage for your organization.
  6. You’ll receive a PDF report emailed to you within 24 hours with your Phish-prone percentage and charts to share with management.
  7. You’ll also see how your organization compares to others in your industry.

Our Phishing Security Test (PST) is risk-free and won’t be a significant interruption to your workflow.

Security is a must-have, not an optional service. Let us know your concerns. Our founder, Dave Brewer, can meet with you to answer any questions you may have.

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