Proven Tips to Improve Efficiency from Office 365 Upgrade Professionals

Are you considering a Microsoft Office 365 upgrade? It may seem straightforward, but fine-tuning your installation is something best left to the professionals.

Considering A Microsoft Office 365 Upgrade_

It May Seem Straightforward, But Fine-Tuning Your Microsoft Office 365 Installation Is something Best Left To The Microsoft Professionals.

Microsoft Office 365 is now one of the most-used software platforms in the world, with a cloud-based delivery model that makes it extremely attractive for businesses of all sizes. Since 2011 when they introduced the Office 365 platform and concept, Microsoft has slowly been encouraging all of their customers to transition from the traditional purchased license model to this updated subscription model. There are a range of benefits for moving in this direction, most notably that your security and functionality is always up-to-date due to the ongoing upgrades that are pushed on a regular basis by Microsoft. The platforms that Office 365 aggregated continue to grow and evolve with improved collaboration features, better security and privacy settings and integrated storage solutions with OneDrive. Whether your business is just getting started with Office 365 or ready to upgrade from a more traditional license model, there are true benefits to working with an implementation partner.

Benefits of Working with an Office 365 Implementation Partner

Any software upgrade can be challenging. While Office 365 has a standardized upgrade path and extensive documentation available on their site, there are still nuances of your upgrade or implementation that would benefit from having a certified Microsoft partner involved in the project.

  1. Certified Microsoft Partners are eligible for premiere support options
  2. Upgrade more quickly and efficiently with a partner who understands the platform
  3. Protect your business from risks associated with cybersecurity and data compliance
  4. Maintain a more consistent upgrade pace by quickly overcoming any challenges
  5. Gain awareness of potential optimization strategies that can enhance user productivity

Ensuring that your Microsoft Office 365 upgrade project runs successfully starts with having a dedicated team that can help support your internal IT professionals. This structure allows you to quickly move your project forward without putting heavy stress on internal resources or reducing the support level for internal customers.

Why Microsoft Office 365 Is the Best Choice for Businesses

Aside from the more convenient scaling opportunities for a subscription product, there are many reasons why businesses are flocking to Office 365. More than 120 million business users are currently appreciating the value and additional functionality that are gained with Office 365 for Business, accounting for up to 2/3 of their total Office user base. The migration between the on-premise licensing model and the cloud isn’t always seamless, however, and can cause challenges for organizations that are not prepared. Office 365 offers enough boons for business users that it’s often worth the time and effort required to upgrade, with business users lauding the additional collaboration tools and the portability of the suite.

Work When, Where and How You Need To

Today’s business professionals are on the move, and they need software that will follow them on their travels. Whether that means working from home several days a week or getting some after-hours networking at a coffee shop, the ability to access Microsoft Office 365 suite of software from a variety of mobile devices, several laptops and desktops makes it one of the most flexible options on the market. There is also a trend towards geographically distributed teams, making it crucial that people are able to collaborate remotely without significant technology barriers. With Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud-based solution, users are able to see updates to documents, spreadsheets and notes in real-time — and storage is centralized through OneDrive. Conveniently, the majority of Office 365 subscriptions provide access to the most-loved software packages, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for desktop as well as separate versions for iOS and Android devices. Microsoft Teams and Skype are increasingly being used for communications between teams and customers, too.

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