Technology is advancing at an incredible rate, and in today’s hyper-competitive environment, a range of technologies, including construction-focused hardware, analytics capabilities, and advanced software that incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming the way modern engineering firms handle complex projects.

Nowadays, engineering firms can use technology advancements to reshape the way they design and develop products and/or goods. When leveraging technology advancements properly, engineering firms are able to achieve the following

Better control of research and development costs

Better control of research and development costs

Faster time-to-market for products and/or goods

Faster time-to-market for products and/or goods

Greater ability to adapt to consumer demands

Greater ability to adapt to consumer demands

But similar to any industry, embracing technology advancements brings significant risks as there are more entry points into the network introduced. Essentially, cybercriminals have more ways than ever before to hack into systems and steal sensitive information pertaining to projects, employees, and financial details.

BC Networks Provides IT Services for Engineering Firms Looking to Embrace Technology Advancements While Minimizing the Risk of Cybercrime.

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IT Services for Engineering Firms

BC Networks has been working with engineering firms since 1989 when we began as one of the original four technology consulting firms in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve seen the evolution of engineering technology and how it’s able to provide real-time data on the performance of equipment - allowing engineers to improve the way they operate and expand the capabilities of equipment they’re already using. Our team offers:

Managed IT services wherein we provide all of the services and support, such as remote monitoring, regular maintenance, patch management, and more, for a flat-rate monthly fee.

Managed IT Services
Comprehensive cybersecurity

Comprehensive cybersecurity wherein we keep your environment safe with enterprise-grade solutions, including intrusion detection software, anti-virus software, web content filtering, and more.

Onsite and remote support to address any and all issues that arise in a timely, responsive manner. Our team will resolve problems remotely whenever possible, and if needed, come onsite.

Onsite and remote support
Support for industry-specific technologies

Support for industry-specific technologies as we have extensive experience with a range of engineering systems, including but not limited to:

  • - Resource management software
  • - Warehousing and stock control systems
  • - Supply chain management software
  • - Financial/bookkeeping systems

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