Important Questions for Finding the Right IT Services Provider for Your Business

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Important Questions for Finding the Right IT Services Provider for Your Business

You don’t have time to waste when you’re trying to find an IT services provider for your business. What can you do to expedite the process and get the partner you need without drawing out the timeline considerably?

Your business is unique, and your IT needs reflect your business and your goals. Finding the right IT services provider who understands your needs is a challenge, but the first step is knowing where to start.

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What Are the First Questions You Should Ask An IT Services Company?

The ideal situation for your business would naturally be to find the perfect IT services company the first time with an easy investigative process. Asking the right questions to align your goals and clarify your IT strategy will streamline your process and solidify your relationship that much sooner.

Are you looking for a local IT services provider? 

In recent years, national and regional IT firms are expanding into smaller markets to tap into new areas and compete with small local “mom & pop shops”. Extremely competitive pricing models undercut these smaller local firms to help these “chains” gain the competitive edge, but often at the sacrifice of customer service and the personal touch. Ask yourself if the cost savings is worth it.

Are you looking for personalized attention?

If you’re looking for personalized attention, your search is probably more attuned to finding a long-term partnership over a short-term solution. A solid relationship with an IT services provider means your IT firm has a clear understanding of your needs and is committed to providing the level of support and customized attention you’re looking for.

What is your IT strategy?

First, do you have an established IT strategy? What are your IT needs? It’s important to communicate this to your IT services provider for a successful relationship so that you’re both aligned to meet your long-term goals and objectives.

How Do You Know You’ve Found the Right IT Services Provider?

Individualized needs require individualized service, and your business is unique. You’ll need to identify the overall approach to IT support that is best for you, and think about how your IT services company will support your technology and IT environment:

Consistency of IT Support

Does the IT support team have high turnover or will you work with the same team members each time you need assistance?

Team Dynamic

Is the IT support team an in-house team, or is support outsourced to another entity?

IT Services Offered 

Does the IT services provider offer individualized services to meet individualized needs or are IT services served á la carte style from a menu with little consideration to your technology infrastructure?

For the IT services provider that will support the technology that fuels your business, these are crucial questions.

Do Your Research

Lastly, read up on IT services providers before agreeing to anything. Ask for references, though know you’ll get a catered list of clientele who will only give glowing reports. If you want a clear picture of what to expect, try a few tips:

  • Read Google Reviews
  • Check Consumer Reports
  • Look at the Better Business Bureau rating