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Patient Demands Are Increasing at a Rapid Rate, But So Is Technology – Creating Challenges with Interoperability, Upkeep, And Of Course, Cybersecurity. BC Networks Provides IT Services for Healthcare Organizations Looking to Keep Technology Well-Managed to Ensure an Optimal Patient Experience.

As the world becomes more technologically advanced, people are expecting a faster, more efficient level of service everywhere they go – and that doesn’t stop at the doctor’s office. In fact, patient demands are increasing at a rapid rate. The quality of care is more important than ever before as patients around the world are starting to leverage their right to choose how and with whom they work with for their healthcare.

IT Services for Healthcare Organizations

They want more transparency in terms of data and processes, as well as more efficiency in the way they’re served. Fortunately, technology is keeping up with patient demands – allowing for improved scheduling, minimized paperwork, greater communication with providers between visits, and more. But keeping up with technology advancements means tackling the challenges associated with:

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    Interoperability between systems to ensure they’re properly sharing data between one another.

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    Upkeep of technology to avoid using outdated equipment that is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

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    Cybersecurity to ensure patient data stays safe against threats that can compromise its integrity and confidentiality.

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    Adoption wherein physicians continue to prefer manual, paper-based methods as opposed to updated systems, such as an EHR.

Lastly, keeping up with technology advancements means staying ahead of industry-specific rules and regulations, such as HIPAA, which requires healthcare organizations to protect any sort of protected health information that is stored or transmitted by a covered entity or business associate, regardless of whether it’s electronic, paper or another form.

How Do Our IT Services for Healthcare Organizations Tackle the Challenges You Face?

For most healthcare organizations, a technology partner is necessary to thrive in the increasingly technology dependent medical world. After all, you must leverage the right mix of hardware, software, and other equipment to keep up with patient demand. We provide the following IT services to help you focus on your patients with technology that meets the requirements of doctors, clinicians, and patients while staying safe against cybercrime:

We know how to automate value chains with a seamless, cohesive infrastructure that’s reliable and secure. Our managed IT services are available at a flat-rate monthly fee for all of the services and support you need, including:

  • Managed IT services

    Managed IT services wherein we provide all of the services and support you need, including around-the-clock monitoring, regular maintenance, assistance with software or system configuration, and more for a flat-rate monthly fee.

  • Onsite and remote support

    Onsite and remote support that gives you peace of mind knowing we’ll be available to assist with troubleshooting anytime necessary. Our team will aim to solve the problem remotely, but when needed, we’ll come onsite.

  • An annual security risk analysis

    An annual security risk analysis that includes a digital scan of the network to identify all locations ePHI is stored, ensure it’s as secure as possible, and store the results of the scan for the required 6-year time period.

  • Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions

    Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions including firewalls, anti-virus software, anti-spam filtering, web content filtering, encryption, and more to protect PHI against all types of unauthorized access.

  • Regular cybersecurity training for staff members

    Regular cybersecurity training for staff members to ensure they’re aware of the latest threats, updates to HIPAA rules and regulations, and more – helping you rest assured knowing they’re operating in a safe manner.

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