Do You Test Your Backups Regularly?

Many companies have backup systems, but they never test them. Or they're using antiquated tape backups that aren't reliable. When they need to recover their digital files after a natural or manmade disaster, their backups don't work. This causes stress, frustrations and, frequently, they have to shut their doors.

You must test your backups.

The key to reliable backups is to test the restores regularly. If you don’t, you’re leaving your business open to data loss.

And, if this happens, you could face expensive penalties, reputational damage and, potentially, the end of your business.

Here’s an example of what I mean that occurred with a client of a friend of ours, a managed service provider in another part of the country:

The office manager of a local healthcare practice was stealing from them. The culprit was so concerned that she’d be caught that she burned the office to the ground to destroy any evidence!

Thankfully, they were able to recover their data in four hours in a temporary office location and resume business.

How?…. they had provided a backup solution that was saved both on- and off-premise. It was properly configured, regularly updated, AND regularly tested for reliable recovery.

Could you recover quickly from a natural or human-caused disaster?…

Our clients can.

But wait a minute, there’s more…

Can you recover your Entire IT Infrastructure in a pinch? – Including all of your applications?

These days we’re so reliant on our technology that it’s not enough to just backup your data. You need an image-based copy of your entire IT environment.

What do I mean?

This is called virtualization.

It lets you quickly recover and deploy your applications, data and everything on your network – not just your data.

And you can do this within an hour or two. Without virtualization, backup recovery can take days.

Plus, virtualization lowers your IT costs because you’ll need less hardware, maintenance, energy, and storage space.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Services From BC Networks Includes:

  • Data Backups Onsite
  • Data Replication Offsite
  • Recovery Testing
  • HIPAA and Industry-Compliant Replications
  • An Image-Based Replication Of Total IT Environments (Virtualization)

When Is The Last Time You Restored Data From Your Backup?

If you have not actually restored data from your backup, how do you know it works? Maybe recovering data will be slow… leave out some critical files / folders… or not work at all.

Contact us for a free test of your backup systems so you know they work.

Or, call us to meet with Dave Brewer, our founder, to discuss virtualization, your backup, and other IT needs.