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Should Nonprofits In The San Francisco Bay Area Use Office 365?

Microsoft is committed to delivering technology solutions that are accessible and affordable for nonprofits. They provide donations and discounts when you use their cloud solutions like Microsoft Office 365, Power BI Azure and more. And they work with nonprofits to help them get the most out of technology. Your nonprofit probably operates on a tight budget. And, perhaps you think that the latest technology is cost prohibitive. But, using effective IT solutions like Office 365 can improve your staff’s productivity and effectiveness to bette

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Do this to avoid the Windows 10 upgrade

Repetition is a proven way to incite people into action. Children use it to break down their parents’ psyche and get them to buy the latest toy, and advertisers use it to sell their product. Now, Microsoft is using the same tactic to try and get you to upgrade to Windows 10. But this time, you don’t have to stand for it. You can silence their annoying popups up for now, and here’s how you can do it. If you’re like many people who are happy with their current Microsoft operating system, you may have no desire to upgrade to Windows 10. A

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