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Optimize Business Processes with Next-Gen Software and Services

Not all IT solutions are focused on innovation, but that doesn’t negate their importance. See how focusing on your core systems can reduce inefficiency and improve security.  

Whether you consider it a fundamental imperative or a painful interruption in your already-overburdened workload, digital business innovation has become a daily part of life for technology professionals. Process enhancements have the potential to provide an exceptional return on investment, but these projects can be far-reaching and difficult to manage. With IT departments stretched thin and budgets under fire, there are still plenty of reasons to consider kicking off a business process improvement project to add security to your data, reduce cycle times and take full advantage of your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.

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Solutions for Improving Collaboration

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the buzzwords in technology, but what people should be talking about is collaboration. Finding ways to bring remote teams together in a meaningful way can be more of an asset for your business than any fancy new tech. Business processes can be finicky, and that is particularly true when you’re working with teams that are separated geographically. Simply scheduling a meeting across various time zones becomes a challenge when your technology is not finely tuned to allow for ease of use. A direct focus on your business communications and integrations across your ERP and data storage platforms may yield unexpected gains in terms of productivity.

Consistent Data Management Procedures

Secure and consistent handling of data is not the sexiest subject in the IT world, but it is one that can significantly reduce the overall risk for your organization while also helping to optimize processes. Businesses are focused on how data-driven marketing can help improve targeting and messaging to prospects and customers, with speed to find and utilize the data as the key initiative for 67% of organizations. All of this speed doesn’t happen without concentration on the goal of consolidating disparate data points and finding ways to centralize data management and storage. With compliance issues rising to the forefront as the California Consumer Protection Act takes effect, it’s more critical than ever for organizations to understand how their data is being used and who has access to confidential information.

Boosting Efficiency with Robust Software Utilization

How often are you truly reviewing your current software stack and determining whether it’s being fully utilized? That expensive CRM or eCommerce platform that you purchased a few years ago may be holding the functionality that you need to grow your company’s revenue or reduce overall dependency on multiple platforms. It’s not surprising to learn that different divisions are utilizing portions of a platform and searching for new solutions on the side — never realizing that their current software suites can be extended with a reduced cost and effort to provide the same functionality. Regular vendor reviews and active communication with technology partners provide a solid base to consider the new alternatives available with current software platforms.

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