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6 Ways to Minimize IT System Downtime

BC Networks can help your San Jose business minimize system downtime and streamline your business operations. Contact us today for more information.  

A 2018 survey of 900 IT decision-makers from Uptime Institute revealed the major technology concerns that will face businesses in the coming years. They include:

  • Cost and risk management for hybrid IT configurations
  • Efficiency metrics such as including Power Usage Effectiveness
  • Edge computing complexity
  • Increasing rack density and the cooling concerns
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management adoption
  • Climate change impact on data centers and disaster recovery strategies

According to DevOps, in 2017, “Between $1 to $2.5 billion is lost to application downtime a year! That is a big number, but if you look at the follow on numbers you can see how you can get there. Infrastructure failure has an average hourly cost of $100k per hour, critical application failure has an average hourly cost of $500k to $1m per hour. It doesn’t take a lot of hours for those numbers to add up.”

BC Networks is a San Jose CA-based IT managed service provider that can help your company minimize system downtime. Our consultants understand system interdependencies and the increasing complexity that can lead to costly mistakes and downtime.

How Can You Minimize System Downtime in San Jose?

It may be impossible to eliminate all outages but it’s certainly possible to minimize system downtime for your San Jose business. The following steps lead to more stable IT infrastructure and maximize productivity for your essential IT assets:

  1. Monitor your networks and servers: Consistently monitor your systems to make sure they continue to perform optimally. Early detection should always be a primary goal to avoid crashes.
  2. Back up your data and other IT assets: Ideally, you should keep three copies of data. Keep two on storage media and one backup offsite. A well thought out recovery plan can help get your business up and running very quickly after an outage or data breach.
  3. Stay on top of system maintenance: It’s important to keep up with current software versions and ensure that your hardware assets remain within the maintenance window of the manufacturer. Upgrades often include bug fixes as well as performance enhancements, which impact the productivity of your network.
  4. Cultivate cybersecurity best practices: To avoid network insecurity, your anti-virus software must be kept up to date. BC Networks security specialists can help harden your network against hacker attacks and monitor your system for suspicious activity day and night.
  5. Training: Employees are often the biggest vulnerability when it comes to data breaches. It only takes one person clicking on a suspicious link, email or Facebook ad to compromise the network you’ve worked so hard to fortify. Let us help you determine your biggest security risks and educate your employees on how to practice cyber hygiene.
  6. Carefully test major upgrades and implementations: It’s easy to get excited about new changes that can enhance your business process. However, it’s important to plan, test and roll out any changes with extreme caution. Be sure that the rollback plan you have can return your system to its original state if you have to abort an implementation. At BC Networks, we work with impacted users to schedule and complete upgrades and implementations. We strive to keep minimize system downtime and business disruption.

Why You Should Choose BC Networks?

BC Networks can help your San Jose business minimize system downtime and streamline your business operations. If you want to keep your systems running at peak performance and minimize IT downtime, contact us today for more information.