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Automating Outlook Functions with Microsoft Office Consulting in San Jose

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Learn to create templates, automated responses and other tips and tricks to better manage your email. This article covers:

  • Setting Up Email Templates
  • Using Preset Signatures
  • Quick Parts
  • Automatic Responses (Out of Office)

How Can I Set Up Email Templates?

An email template is useful when you need to send information that doesn’t change much each time you use it. Examples include instructional messages showing the receiver how to complete a task. You can actually include multiple templates in the same email message. One drawback of Outlook email templates is that they are plain text with no formatting. Individual templates can be created, edited and deleted when no longer useful.

To compose and save a message as a template, follow the steps provided by Microsoft support.

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + M

Default save location: c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\microsoft\templates

What Are Preset Signatures?

A preset signature typically contains a complimentary signature and your name and contact information. For example:

Best regards,

Ima User
Vice President of Marketing, Global Enterprises
123 Anywhere Street
Big City, USA

Of course, you can customize your signature anyway you wish. Some companies have templates that employees are expected to follow, which is something to consider if standardized communication is a priority.

You can create many different signatures for work, home and other purposes. Even though it’s called a signature, you can include message text and even a repetitive subject that can be quickly copied into the subject line.

Formatting, logos and images are available for signatures. Learn more about how to create signatures and insert them in messages here.

Quick Parts

Store and reuse repetitive formatted content with Outlook’s Quick Parts feature, available on the Insert menu of an open message. This reusable content is stored in galleries you can reuse, edit and delete at any time. You can complete the following tasks using the Quick Parts feature:

  • Create a block of reusable text
  • Find and use saved Quick Parts in an open message
  • Rename, save, delete and share Quick Parts

How Can You Set Up Out of Office Replies?

This feature is commonly known as the Out of Office feature. It lets you set up an automatic replay based on a number of criteria. However, it’s mainly used to set up automatic replies to internal and external email senders. Automatic Response is usually only available with Microsoft Exchange, the enterprise-level version of Outlook. The instructions for using automatic responses depend on the version of Outlook you use.

There are many ways to use Microsoft Outlook more efficiently. Now that you’ve gotten started with these intermediate-level features, it’s time to become a power user. Find out how to apply rules to how your messages are stored and categorized and many other tips and tricks available in Outlook’s Help Menu via Microsoft’s online support.

Where Can You Find Microsoft Office Consulting in San Jose?

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