A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Forms

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A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Forms

Would you like a fast and simple way of receiving feedback from your clients and employees? Discover how you can begin exploiting this handy Microsoft offering to engage your staff as well as your client base.

Previously only available to Microsoft 365 education users, Microsoft has since rolled out the Forms app to their Microsoft 365 commercial clients. And yet, many business leaders may be quick to write off Microsoft forms as a simple survey tool.

However, when used properly used, Forms can play an integral role in keeping your distributed team connected and engaged now as well as going forward. Forms can do everything from arranging quizzes and workflows to data recording.

But how do you actually start exploiting this underrated Microsoft offering? Watch this short video to get started:

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How Do You Get Started With Microsoft Forms?

What Is Microsoft Forms? A part of the Microsoft 365 suite, Forms enables users to build shareable forms, gather responses, and use automatic charts to visualize the data within minutes. It speeds up and simplifies the process of creating shareable quizzes, polls, and surveys. What’s more, your respondents can fill out the forms on any browser without downloading the application.

Who Can Access Microsoft Forms? Apart from individuals with personal Microsoft accounts, businesses with the following commercial Microsoft 365 plans can also access Forms:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Essentials
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise E1, E3, E5
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise E4 for organizations that had purchased this edition before Microsoft retired it.

How Do You Craft a Form? To create a form, follow these eight simple steps:

  • To start building a Form, open your browser, and head to
  • Log into your Microsoft account to start working with Forms. Alternatively, you can create a new account if you don’t already have one.
  • The my forms icon should appear once you’ve logged in to your account successfully. Next, click on New Form to start developing a form according to your particular needs.
  • You have to come up with a suitable name for your Form. Additionally, you can also include some extra details, for example, a brief and concise subtitle. Although it’s not mandatory, a subtitle might help your respondents gain a better understanding of the intention behind your survey.
  • To include questions in your Form, click on Add Questions. There are various question formats from which you can choose, for example, choice, text, rating, date, and so on.
  • After you’ve finalized all the details in your Form, you need to see how it’s going to appear on your respondents’ computers. To ensure everything looks and work properly, navigate to the top of your screen and click on the preview button.
  • It’s highly likely that a portion of your target audience isn’t going to respond to your survey using desktop browsers. Consequently, you’ll also have to view how your Form will appear on a mobile device. This is crucial to ensuring your Form doesn’t get fractured and is in no way limited when viewed on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. To do this, simply click on the Mobile button to view how your Form would appear on a mobile device.
  • After you’ve set up everything properly and are confident in your final Form, the last step is submitting it and beginning the sharing process.

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